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3rd Combined Newsletter for Policy Areas "Ship" and "Safe"

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The PA Ship and PA Safe team at the Danish Maritime Authority (DMA) and the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency (TRAFICOM) are pleased to forward you the third combined PA Ship and PA Safe newsletter. Within the newsletter, we share the latest news and develop-ments on the EUSBSR and other relevant information to our Policy Areas.

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Concluding conference from PA Ship Flagship project COMPLETE

The PA Ship Flagship project held its final conference on February 9-10. The conference was organised around key issues related to biofouling and ballast water management and included many stakeholders from the Baltic Sea and beyond. Please find all presentations and other material from the final conference here.

Final publications from ECORPODIGI

ECOPRODIGI’s extension project EXOPRODIGI was kicked off in the beginning of 2021. EXOPRODIGI builds on the findings of and lessons learned in ECOPRODIGI as it strives to improve the eco-efficient use of maritime industry resources with the help of digital tools and solutions which support decision making, create transparency, reduce working hours and decrease waste, emissions and energy consumption. Similarly, to ECOPRODIGI, the aim in EXOPRODIGI is to enhance the institutional capacity of maritime industry end-users at various stages of vessel life-cycle; i.e. during voyages, cargo stowage operations and the assembly processes at shipyards. The partnership composition of EXOPRODIGI is based on the partnership of ECOPRODIGI. It includes businesses, universities and other organisations working in and with the Baltic Sea region’s maritime industry. For more information, please visit the projects website

EXOPRODIGI’S extension program kicked off in 2021

To strengthen public support for maritime industry digitalisation and eco-efficiency in the Baltic Sea region, ECOPRODIGI has produced policy briefings based on findings from the project’s three industry cases. The briefs include insights into the key findings of each case as well as practical recommendations on how to support and strengthen digitalisation and eco-efficiency in the areas of vessel performance monitoring, cargo stowage, and shipyard processes. In addition, ECOPRODIGI has produced two digitalisation roadmap reports, “Maritime in the 21st Century” and “Road to Shipyard 4.0”, which provide a glimpse of the future of maritime operations in the Baltic Sea region with a focus on Ro-Ro shipping and shipyard operations. 
The briefings and roadmaps are available for download on ECOPRODIGI’s website.

CSHIPP webinar on international clean shipping, November 2020, Online

CSHIPP’s webinar on international clean shipping policies took place in the end of November 2020. The focus of the event was on impacts of selected clean shipping policies, the assessment of the technology-based options available for the shipping sector to comply with their targets, the options to enforce the legislation in a way that ensures compliance, and the benefits of these measures for air and water quality, climate, human health and well-being. A recording of the webinar and other materials are available on the project’s website.

ResQU2 workshop higlighted the different aspects of safety and security in BSR ports

About 40 participants followed the ResQU2 online Workshop on Port Security, led by Hamburg Fire and Rescue Service (HFRS). The participants represented fire and rescue departments, ministries, coast guards, authorities and agencies dealing with safety and security issues, and several universities. The participants came from Estonia, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, The Netherlands, Sweden, Russia, USA, and the Secretariat of the Council of the Baltic Sea States.   To find more information on the workshop, speakers etc. please follow this link.

PA Safe flagship, STM Baltsafe, takes a crucial step towards enabling automated voyage reporting

Ships are required to manually report voyage related information in 23 special reporting areas across the globe. A new emerging standard makes automated reporting possible. The PA Safe Flagship project, STM BALT SAFE, has also released the first version of the automated reporting service. The solution lowers the administrative burden on board and help minimize reporting errors. Read more about the new reporting system here.

Upcoming events


Upcoming EMERGE event – “Abatement of the emissions and dis-charges of shipping”, 11 March 2021, Online

The flagship EMERGE is hosting an online webinar titled “Abatement of the emissions and discharges of shipping”. The webinar covers topics such as exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems and impacts of scrubber technology. To sign up and learn more about the webinar, please follow this link.

Other news


Interreg Baltic Sea Programme: Moving towards a new programming period

The fourth meeting of the Joint Programming Committee was held on the 3-4 February 2021.  The joint committee concluded that the new programming period will offer funding under four priorities: Innovative Societies, Water-Smart Societies, Climate-Neutral Societies and Cooperation Governance. The four topics will cover nine objectives in total.   Moreover, the meeting agreed on further simplifications for the benefit of applicants and project partners. As a result, future applicants and project partners will have clarity about State aid directly at the project start, while the administrative efforts will be reasonable.   The next meeting is planned for the end of March. During this meeting, the discussions will start on the future Programme budget as well as the timelines and procedures for the application rounds. More information can be found here.

The public hearing for the Central Baltic Programme 2021-2027 has been launched

The public hearing has been launched with the draft programme and the draft Strategic Environmental Assessment report made publicly available together with the questionnaire. This means it is time to share your opinion and contribute to the future Central Baltic Programme. After having read the draft documents, please use this opportunity to give your feedback as soon as possible by answering to the online survey. Find the survey and impact assessment here