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Dear Shipping Mission Members and friends,
We in the Zero-Emission Shipping Mission would like to thank all of you for your participation in the mission and your interest in the path that we are on. Your cooperation and membership is vital to develop, demonstrate, and deploy zero-emission fuels, ships, and fuel infrastructure together by 2030 and make zero-emission ocean going shipping the natural choice for ship owners.
The last couple of months have been eventful in the Shipping Mission, and we are very excited for the months ahead.

Publication of the industry Road map

In April 2022, the secretariat published the Zero-Emission Shipping Mission Industry Roadmap. The publication has brought us several steps closer to understanding and identifying the variety of tasks that need solutions over the coming years.   In the roadmap we have identified 120 industry innovation needs to prioritize to accelerate progress towards zero-emission pathways in international shipping.
You can read the industry roadmap by clicking here.

Annual Gathering in New Delhi

The same week as we published the Industry Roadmap, this year’s Mission Innovation Annual Gathering took place in New Delhi, India. Senior representatives of Mission Innovation came together in-person for the first time since early 2020 to review, discuss, and set MI’s strategy and work plan for the upcoming year.
Our Mission Director, Andreas Nøhr Vestergaard, attended on behalf of the mission, to present the progress, the structure, and the goals of the Shipping Mission, and was met with positive feedback.
Especially our pillar structure seemed to spark the interest of several representatives of Mission Innovation, as the pillars help to grasp the complexity of the mission. 

Secretariat meeting in Oslo

In April 2022 the secretariat held a hybrid workshop in Oslo with in-person and virtual participation. The group was able to reflect on the past ten months of the mission and plan for the upcoming workshops, events, and publications.

5th Zero-Emission Shipping Mission Executive Committee Meeting

In April 2022, the fifth ZESM Executive Committee Meeting took place virtually, at which the Executive Committee signed off on the proposed process for the further development of the Action Plan.

May Action Plan Workshops

In May 2022 the respective Pillar Leads for the Zero-Emission Shipping Mission hosted three separate workshops to refine the set of activities that will be used to inform the development of the Action Plan. Additional workshops will be planned in the near future to turn these activities into projects that work towards the goals of the Zero-Emission Shipping Mission

What is next? Action plan & project sprints

Similar to the last months the following months will be eventful. Having just published the industry roadmap, the next steps will be to define the specific activities of the mission.
Next up is our Zero-Emission Shipping Mission Action Plan that will outline the tasks for the mission over the years to come. Please get in touch if you would like to be involved in the identification and refinement of this important document. We will publish it before the Mission Innovation Ministerial in September and will share it with you as soon as possible.

7th Mission Innovation Ministerial

In September this year, the United States will host the Mission Innovation and the Clean Energy Ministerial in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in the USA.  At the event, the Zero-Emission Shipping Mission will present the Action Plans and first projects. The Ministerial is an important milestone for the Shipping Mission, and we are looking forward to sharing our plans and suggestions with the world in Pittsburgh.
Again, we in the secretariat of the Zero-Emission Shipping Mission would like to thank you for your participation and your continued support. Your cooperation and support is essential to make zero-emission ocean going shipping the natural choice for the industry and in the spirit of knowledge sharing and collaboration, we are starting this newsletter to help keep everyone informed.  
If you wish to contact the Zero-Emission Shipping Mission Secretariat, you can write to us via our new e-mail
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